Readers ask: How To Get To St Joseph Island Texas?

Can you drive to San Jose Island?

No vehicles allowed. The only way to access this glorious Texas beach is by ferry. To get to San Jose Island you must first make you way to Port Aransas, which if you come from Aransas Pass you will need to take a ferry. If you drive in from Four Bluff you can drive into Port Aransas.

Is San Jose Island Open?

Today, the peaceful island is open to visitors to enjoy the unspoiled dunes and shorelines, home to over 600 species of fish and 300 species of birds, not to mention beachcomber daydreams, like angel wings, sand dollars, lightning whelks, shark eyes, starfish and so much more.

Who owns St Joseph island?

San Jose island is undeveloped by realtors because it is owned privately and exclusively by the Bass Family of Fort Worth, who inherited the property from Sid Richardson.

Is Aransas Pass an island?

At the southern end of the island is Aransas Pass (not to be confused with the City of Aransas Pass which is on the mainland), beyond which is Mustang Island and the town of Port Aransas. Aransas Pass is protected by jetties extending into the Gulf from both Mustang Island and San José Island.

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Can you stay on San Jose Island?

San Jose Island is privately owned. Historically a ranch, today the island is managed principally for wildlife. Access is permitted only on public land, meaning that you must stay on the beach below the vegetation line.

Is Port Aransas safe?

Is Port Aransas, TX Safe? The C- grade means the rate of crime is slightly higher than the average US city. Port Aransas is in the 36th percentile for safety, meaning 64% of cities are safer and 36% of cities are more dangerous.

Are dogs allowed on San Jose Island?

San Jose Island. Although your dog can run off-leash here, be aware that there are rattlesnakes on the island and no public facilities. It is a quiet getaway for fishing, beachcombing, swimming, or shelling.

Where is San Jose Island?

Located along the Texas Gulf coast, just north of Corpus Christi, is an undisturbed island jewel by the name of San Jose Island, also known as Saint Joseph Island.

How much is the Bass family worth?

No. 29: Bass family, Fort Worth, with a net worth of $7.2 billion (oil, investments)

Where are sand dollars in Port Aransas?

Best sand dollar beach near Port Aransas, TX

  • JP Luby Surf Park. 14.5 mi. Beaches.
  • Port Aransas Beach. 5.3 mi. 34 reviews.
  • Padre Balli Surf Park. 16.9 mi. Beaches.
  • Whitecap Beach. 15.9 mi. Beaches.
  • Mustang Island State Park. 10.4 mi. 63 reviews.
  • Rockport Beach. 15.6 mi.
  • IB Magee Beach Park. 6.4 mi.
  • Sand Dollar & Marina Bait House. 18.7 mi.
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Where is St Joe Beach Fl?

St. Joe Beach is located between Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe and is adjacent to the newest St. Joe development, Windmark Beach.

Is Port Aransas the same as Aransas Pass?

At the eastern end of the pass is the town of Port Aransas, located at the far northern end of Mustang Island. At the western end of the pass, on the mainland side of Aransas Bay, is the town of Aransas Pass.

Is Port Aransas Beach Open?

Port Aransas beaches are open; some areas of I.B. Magee Beach Park are inaccessible. We will post any road closures will be posted here and at As of this morning, the only beach access road that is closed is Zahn Road on North Padre Island.

Where do I get a beach parking permit in Port Aransas?

Annual beach parking permits can be purchased at:

  • Port Aransas City Hall.
  • Port Aransas Visitor Center/Chamber of Commerce.
  • IGA Family Center (local grocery)
  • Stripes convenience store.
  • Other locations around town and on the beach (during peak season)

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