Candy Sale

It's time for the Spring Candy fundraiser! This year we will be selling Hilliard's Candy Bars - Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Crisp, Caramel and Dark Chocolate.

The 2013 Candy Sale will begin Tuesday, March 19. All envelopes should be turned in on April 12.

2013 Incentives!
  • Most boxes sold - $25 gift card
  • All students who return their full amount by 3/26 will be entered into a drawing to win $25 gift card
  • First class to 100% wins an ice cream party!
Each FAMILY will receive and be required to sell one box of 40 bars, with the bars to be sold for $2.00 each. Cash or checks made payable to St. Joseph School are both acceptable for payment.
Boxes will be sent home with the students on Tuesday, March 19 (with oldest or only child in your family) and final payment will be due no later than Friday, April 12. If you would like additional boxes, please send in a note to Rosa to my attention and we'll be sure to send another box home!

Each spring a Candy Sale is held and each SJS family is required to participate by selling or purchasing a box of forty candy bars. Our current program with Hilliard's House of Candy offers $2.00/bar, with 50% being returned to the school! Our candy sale in 2012 provided $8,000 for our students!


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