The Bi-Annual Calendar Drive


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is fast upon us!  As a school community, we have much for which to be grateful.  We are proud of the wonderful growth we have experienced—updating our Teaching and Learning Center, updating our Art and Music classrooms, implementing a Lexia program, ongoing implementation of blended learning experiences with additional Chromebooks, increase in extra curricular activities, as well as numerous opportunities for spiritual development for our students.  These are just a few of the many ways in which have expanded upon our mission.


We have been able to accomplish this growth through the efforts and support of many - our families, alumni, parish, local community and friends and benefactors of St. Joseph School.


To assist with these efforts, we once again will hold our annual Holiday Calendar Sale, one of our two major fundraising events of the year. In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge that we all must work together to advance our mission, we are requiring each family to sell ten calendars at a cost of $10.00 each ($100 total). Your cooperation and participation are critical to the success of this effort. And we are happy to reward our students for their work!





Individual Student Prizes

  • First Return Drawing!  All students that return all 10 calendars by Monday, November 19 will be entered into a drawing to receive a $25 Visa Gift Card. All students who return 10 calendars by Monday, November 18 will also receive a dress down day on Wednesday, November 27.
  • Top Three - The top three sellers will receive - $100, $75 and $50 respectively.
  • 30 Plus - Any student who sells 30 or more calendars will win a limo ride and lunch on a date to be determined this spring.


Class Prizes

  • For the homeroom with the highest percentage of returns on Monday, November 18, each student in that class will receive a free Dress Down Day and an Ice Cream Treat.
  • In addition, the first homeroom to achieve 100% calendar returns will receive a Pizza Party!



  • All calendars must be returned by the end of the school day on Friday, December 13. Drawings for December 25 - January 1 will take place on Monday, December 16.
  • Winner names will be posted weekly on the school Web site; winners receive prizes by mail. Addresses MUST be listed on the entries.
  • All winners’ names are put BACK into the drawing, so every ticket has 38 chances to win part of the $3,000 in cash prizes!


We appreciate your enthusiasm, cooperation and effort for this school-wide project. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cox at or Dr. Merritt at


Thank you for all your support in this major fundraiser.


We appreciate your enthusiasm, cooperation and effort for this school-wide project. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cox at or Dr. Merritt at


Stay Tuned for an all new Calendar Drive coming in early 2020




2019 Top Sellers

$100 -Lily Mankus-75 calendars sold

$75-Connor Harris-70 calendars sold  

$50-Chloe Bonney- -60 calendars sold

2019 Limo Lunch Winners for 30+ sold


Lily Mankus

Connor Harris

Chloe Bonny

Jeffrey & Joe Kenney

Emma & Tommy Ryan

Maria Arcieri

Arianne Cox

Josephine Whitney

Nathan & Noah Almeida

Patrick Lee

Bailey Poncin

Arianna Hanson

Jacob Cullity


2019-20 Calendar Winners


December 25-$300- Martine Ministe- sold by Leyikah Pierre


December 26 -$50- Kevin Bardon- sold by Tenley & Tegan Bardon


December 27 -$50- Joseph Reve- sold by Chloe Bonny


December 28 -$50-Kevin Bardon-sold by Tenley & Tegan Bardon


December 29 -$50- Barbie Keenan-sold by Jacob Cullity


December 30 -$100- Carol Lee- sold by Patrick Lee


December 31 -$100-Tony Delice-sold by Keanon Desir


January 1 -$300-Oswaldo Almeida-sold by Miguel de Novaes


January 2 -$50-Bridget Skarie-sold by Lily Mankus


January 3 -$50- Tomika Wilks-sold by Antonio Durham


January 4 -$150-Matthew Rossacci-sold by Josephine Whitney


January 5 -$50-David Ramos-sold by Connor Harris

January 6-$150-Alexandra Pierre-Bonjean-sold by Lekiyah Pierre
January 7-$50-Linda Jones-sold by-Taelyn Harney
January 8-$50-Katie DeCourcey-sold by-Lily Mankus
January 9-$50-Kevin Mont-sold by- Connor Harris
January 10-$50-Meg McEvoy-sold by-Cassidy McCarthy
January 11-$50-Quy Bui-sold by - Ryan Tran
January 12-$50-Plaisimond Sandra-sold by-Bershaica Romain
January 13-$100-Glenn Godwin-sold by- Alexis Godwin
January 14-$50-Elaine Hanson-sold by-Alex Duncan
January 15-$50-Rich &Linda Davey-sold by-Emma Ryan
January 16-$50-Jo-Ann Caruso-sold by-Lily Mankus
January 17-$50-Judy Rood-sold by-Patrick Sullivan
January 18-$50-Mary Nguyen-sold by-Jacob Nguyen
January 19-$50-Jimmy Cullity-sold by-Jacob Cullity
January 20-$100-Robert Ayer-sold by-Danica Powers
January 21-$50-Karen Kenney-sold by Jeffrey Kenney
January 22-$50-Dawn McArdle-sold by- Patrick Lee
January 23-$50-Tai Huynh-sold by Dylan Ho
January 24-$50-Helen de Novaes-sold by-Miguel de Novaes
January 25-$50-Silva Annel-sold by Mackenzie Onujiogu
January 26-$50-Leah Coughlin-sold by Josephine Whitney
January 27-$100-Kevin Mont-sold by-Connor Harris
January 28-$50-Mason Evans-sold by- Mason Evans
January 29-$50-Judy Dincecco-sold by-Josephine Whitney

 January 30-$50-Mirella Jesus-sold by-Noah Alvarenga

January 31-$200-Ed Fruscella-sold by- Joseph Kenney

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