Early Childhood


The children learn about God’s love and begin to develop a personal relationship with their Creator. They also grow in the understanding of God’s love for them and for others.


The children develop positive self-esteem and self-help skills in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. 

In our early childhood program, children acquire reading and math readiness skills and are encouraged to develop language skills and socialization skills through art, music, and imaginative play. They develop fine and gross motor skills through daily indoor and outdoor activities. And each day the children interact with peers and adults, increasing important socialization skills. They are taught respect for themselves and for others by sharing and taking turns.

Our Pre-K Programs have their own identity and separate space within our school but are rooted in the larger community of St. Joseph School. Children are taught in a loving and nurturing environment that sees every child as a gift from God. 

Typical Class Size:  15-18 students with a teacher and aide
Age Requirements:  2.9 or 4 yers-old by September 1 and toilet trained
Classroom Curriculum:  Religion, Reading, Math, Learning Centers, Thematic Units, Circle/Sharing Time, Story Time and Play
Weekly: Art, Music, and Physical Education classes taught by a specialist

Our Kindergarten Program is based on the “Kindergarten Learning Experiences” from the Massachusetts Frameworks. The schedule includes predictable yet flexible routines; a balance of active and quiet times; alternating large group, small group, and individual activities; and time for children to share and reflect.

Typical Class Size: 20 students with a teacher & aide
Age Requirements: 5 years-old by September 1
Classroom Curriculum: Religion, Math, Reading and Writing Skills, Social Studies, and Science
Weekly: Computer, Music, Art, and Physical Education classes taught by a specialist


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