The Learning Center

Elizabeth Ann Seton told the sisters who shared her work, "The first end I propose in our daily work is to do the will of God; secondly, to do it in the manner he wills it; and thirdly, to do it because it is his will."

The Learning Center at Saint Joseph School was established to serve students who need support to be academically successful. We believe that it is God's will that these students receive a Catholic education that also offers special education. Our community answers the call to teach all children, regardless of their academic abilities.

St. Joseph School students benefit from our Response to Intervention Program. This is designed to offer three tiers of support for students who need academic remediation. It allows both classroom and Learning Center teachers the opportunity to monitor students' progress to determine the type of support needed.

Our primary goal is to ensure that students who attend classes in The Learning Center also have access to a challenging curriculum and high-quality instruction consistent with the newly adopted Common Core Standards.

The Learning Center is staffed by two licensed special education teachers who work collaboratively with general education teachers on a daily basis.  Inclusion as well as pull-out services are available.  The special education teachers assist parents with the evaluation process and work with special education teams in initiating and implementing IEP and 504 requirements.


More Information

Does the Learning Center service students who have IEP and 504 Plans?

Yes, we work to meet the requirements set forth in these plans.

Do students have to be on IEP or 504 plans to receive academic support services?

No, a Response to Intervention Program is also offered.

Does the Learning Center offer academic remediation?

Yes, in all curriculum areas.

Do the Learning Center teachers assist parents with the evaluation process?

Yes, we can assist parents both at the public school level and at private institutions.

Are the Learning Center teachers licensed?

Yes, both teachers in The Learning Center have special education certifications, masters degrees and licensure in educational leadership

How does The Learning Center assist students with reading disabilities?

Direct instruction in the Wilson Reading Program is offered to students with reading disabilities.

Do students on 504 plans receive classroom accommodations and testing modifications?

Yes, they receive classroom accommodations and testing modifications.






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